Canadian Inuit throat singer, poet and collaborating artist Iva celebrates her mixed Inuit and Irish heritage in her debut album Ice, Lines & Sealskin. Her play of Inuit throat singing and spoken word fused with Celtic folk and fiddle transports audiences around the globe to the coasts of Nunavut and Cape Breton.

Iva is touring worldwide and has performed alongside celebrated artists such as Tanya Tagaq, Susan Aglukark, DJ Spooky, The Crooked Brothers and The Jerry Cans. Her passion for music and love for people has and continues to bring exciting opportunities for collaboration. Amidst other projects, Iva is working on the release of her second album for Spring 2018.

This summer, Iva will be accompanied on tour with members of the up and coming folk group Ptarmigan and emerging Nunavut singer/songwriter Riit.

“The Rankin Inlet throat singer possesses a powerful vocal instrument.”

– Penguin Eggs Magazine

“Beautiful! I could hear that you carry home in your heart, and it made me really miss home.”

– Tanya Tagaq, 2014 Polaris Music Prize Winner

“Her warm voice delivering soft spoken word in one song and deep, ardent throat singing in the next.”

– Shameless Magazine

“Ivaluarjuk offers up an exotic atmospheric blend of Inuit throat singing and language, English spoken word, wide ranging rhythms and melody influences from Celtic to Classical.”

– Copenhagen Songwriters Festival

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