Iva is also a teacher of the ancient art of throat singing and works with schools and music programs to coordinate and facilitate workshops that encourage youth to build skills and confidence through music, art and identity.
At Your Festival:
Iva can provide on and off stage throat-singing workshops, and have small groups or hundreds of people throat singing at the same time. She tells the story of its history and demonstrates techniques.
In Your School:
Iva visits schools and daycares to give custom throat singing workshops for children. She teaches them about the history of throat singing through storytelling, and gets the children involved in learning throat sounds/singing a song.
Private Lessons:
Iva offers on-going one-on-one and small group throat singing lessons, for Inuit children and youth interested in learning from their home.
$30/hour One-on-one Lessons
$50/hour Group Lessons
(Up to 5 children)
Contact Iva is you’re interested in having her at your festival, school or daycare; or if you want to book Private lessons today!

Coordinator/Facilitator Iva with youth participants & Special Guest Speakers A Tribe Called Red at 2015 Nunavut Youth Music Summit in Iqaluit, Nunavut